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Top 3 Cool Gamblers Who Beat the Casino

Everyone who plays games at the casino wants to win and dream of hitting the jackpot. However most people lose as all the games presented in the game halls are mathematically designed in order to make the casino stay on velvet. Nevertheless some people discovered mathematical rules that helped them or just were lucky enough to beat the casino and receive outstanding money prize. Here are those gamblers.

3. Keith Taft

3Keith Taft was a technical genius who had invented a lot of digital devices that helped him to beat the casino. In 1969 when he became fond of blackjack he discovered that the game can be beaten mathematically. Keith tried to count cards but didn’t reach success so he started to invent things that would help him to.

His first computer named George had a weight of 15 pounds which was too much to carry it on under clothes imperceptible, so the next invented device called David weighted much less. With it Keith made $40,000 during one single week. Keith also marketed his minicomputers and trained people to use them for $10,000.

In the 70s Taft was eventually detained in the casino and his computer was found, however neither the casino administration nor the cops managed to understand how the computer works and prove that it helped winning money so Keith Taft was let go without any consequences.

2. Richard Marcus

2Richard Marcus is considered to be one of the most famous and successful casino cheaters in the world. He managed to make a bet with three $5 caps putting a brown $500 cap under them. If his bet lost he took the $500 cap while the dealer turned to the wheel so he would lose only $15. The dealer never saw the brown $500 cap unless he was allowed to see it when Marcus’s bet won. Of course, he was caught cheating in the casino, but till that time he managed to win about $5 millions in the different casinos.

1. Edward Thorp

1Being a mathematics professor and possessing a doctorate degree in mathematics and master’s degree in physics Edward Thorp is considered to be the father of card counting. In the 60s he became fond of blackjack and discovered that there may be mathematical methods which may give the gambler an advantage. He started an investigation using a computer in the university he taught. The computer was so prehistoric and massive that it filled an entire room and was less powerful then today’s mobile phone. However Thorp managed to carry out some rules which helped him to receive an advantage playing blackjack with a dealer.

He started playing winning up to $70,000 during a weekend which turned the attention of casino bosses to him. They suspected Edward Thorp to be cheating but could not prove it so just asked him to leave when he won too much.

In 1962 Thorp wrote his book “Beat the Dealer” where details of his card counting method were explained. In 1966 he released his second book which made him someone like modern-day classic.

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