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3 Best Vegas Tips

Are you visiting Vegas for the first time? Do you want to look like a real jet set? Would you like to have the reputation of online casino hotshot? Then you obviously need our essential tips of how to behave at Vegas casinos. Follow our rules unless you want to look like a total embarrassment.

Respect the Locals

Or at least you should never go up against them. Every time you find a place to play poker and notice dealer greeting everyone by name except you, leave now. It is obvious that pall players are locals. Apart from playing poker each day, they consider you as nothing more but a chump to make money of.

There is nothing wrong to find another table or ask supervisor to change the place if you are entering a tournament. The best bet is to choose a table featuring tourists like you. Most of them are probably drunk. Beating them will be a piece of cake. The chances of getting to the list of Top 5 Poker Winners 2018 are higher than ever.

Visit Wynn to Drink a Buck

Free booze to all gamblers is the golden rule for each Vegas casino. It does not matter if you are playing a $1000 hand at blackjack of a free slot machine, they will still bring you a free cocktail. Some establishments let visitors put an ease on the wallet when it comes to get plastered. Wynn has probably the best offer that includes free mojito and tequila. Leaving a dollar-tip for waitress is another golden rule at this casino.

Get on Well at the Circle bar

A circle bar is hardly for drinking. It is the place where people make friends. You can find a circle bar practically in every casino. One would hardly think of a better place to meet new people. The reasons are very simple. First of all, locals never visit circle bars. It means no problems. The second reason is the fact that even drunk weirdoes will be out of your way rather soon. Mandalay and Hard Rock Casinos boast the best circle bars in Vegas.

Final Word

Las Vegas is a separate world that lives on its own rules. It is up to you whether to follow them and stay away of troubles or act as a real daredevil in addition to risk of losing all your money. Whatever you choose, remember: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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