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3 Tips to Stay in Control When Gambling

Despite all available gambling strategies, it is always hard to stay in control at the table or when playing online casinos. We have numerous examples of people going on tilt no matter if they can afford losing or not.

Even such tough athletes and sportsmen like Wayne Rooney may lose their temper and control; when gambling, which leads to thousands of pounds lost in a single game. This time we will teach you how to stay cool and predict you’re possible losses.

Tip #1 – Set a Cash Cap to Spend per Day

Gambling should come with certain limits. The only way to prevent yourself from a catastrophe is to set a specific cash cap you can afford betting per day unless you tend to visit gambling establishments once in a blue moon. But stop fooling yourself. You are not that kind of a gambler.

For this reason, you need to set clear cash limitations. Once you exceed that cap, you need to give up playing immediately. On the one hand, such limitations will let you stick to the budget. On the other hand, you can control your losses. At least, it looks like a kind of control, which is better than nothing.


Tip #2 – Set Timeframes for your Visit

If you have an unlimited budget like celebs or sports stars, the first tip will hardly come effective. This is where you may opt for another method of setting specific timeframes for the gambling session. Use your mobile alarm clock or any other way to notify you that your time at the table is over. It is high time you left or logged out.


Tip #3 – Learn to Recognize the Triggers

There are certain signs, hints or so-called triggers that shout aloud to you that you are going on tilt. It means that you are about to lose your temper and emotional control, which is to the detriment of the gambling session in any way. Once you have noticed any of the following, you need to quit immediately. Otherwise, prepare for the biggest frustration in your life. So, the triggers are:

  • A huge loss at one hand;
  • Extended losing streaks;
  • Big wins (that’s right! They can also take you out of emotional control);
  • Exceeding your time or cash limits;
  • Negative real-life experience.

If you define any of the above-mentioned, you’d better stop gambling. However, who are we kidding?

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