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5 best vacation destinations for gambling

The history of gambling goes back to the past. And originally this kind of entertainment appeared in Greece and Ancient Rome. As for now, the US and Macau casinos are leaders in gambling business. If you dream of multi-million winnings, we advise you to visit the best casinos in the world.

In this article you will see a list of the best destinations around the world that offer the best gambling experiences. I can’t guarantee you’ll beat the house, but if you’ll visit at least few of this destinations, you’ll definitely have a great time. Do not forget to check gambling health impact before you enter the world of blackjack and slot machines.


In US there are several huge gambling zones, one of the most famous – Las Vegas. Whole city consist of casinos, clubs, and hotels, gambling is the basis of the city’s economy. People specially come to Las Vegas from other countries to plunge into the atmosphere of excitement, so if you have some money and “excitement” is your second name, then Las Vegas is a great way to spend your time.


The best casino in Las Vegas are: Wynn Las Vegas Casino, Palazzo Resort Casino, Casino at the Venetian, Casino at Mandalay Bay and many others

Las Vegas is not the only one casino and gambling zone in the US: the US government perfectly understands that the money that tourists spend for gambling is a good way to replenish the state budget, so investments in gambling in this country are actively encouraged by legislation, and the shares of the largest gambling firms are listed on US stock exchanges and attract serious investors.

Macau, China

Macau (also known as Macao) is an Asian gambling capital city. In the past the casinos were all owned by one money-bag but in 2002 a new era of Macau began. The Chinese government stopped the monopoly and has opened doors to many new investors including foreigners who brought billion-dollar investments to the island. Right now in Macau situated at least 34 casinos.


Macao casinos, gets more profit than the entire Las Vegas and Atlantic City in US combined. Such criteria can be reached because of the Chinese money-bags, who leave their millions here. Profits from gambling foreigners are not so significant.


Same, as in Vegas casino, there is no face control, the dress code is also doesn’t matter, the only thing that at the entrance to some casinos is metal detectors (it is not possible to enter with weapons, there have been cases when losers start shooting).


When we talk about Monaco – a tiny European country consisting, in general, of one city – most of us will immediately thought about the annual championship of Formula 1 and the casino: gambling in Monaco is one of the leading sectors of the country’s economy, and, of course, everything is regulated legislatively.


Casinos in Monaco are considered to be one of the most high-status casinos in the world. In order to get to one of the establishments – especially the world famous “Monte Carlo” – you have to follow a certain dress code: a suit, a shirt and a tie for men and an evening dress for women. The stakes in casinos are quite high: having about ten dollars in your pocket, you can not even get a jackpot at a huge fortune. In addition, Monte Carlo – one of the oldest casinos in Europe: the building where it is located is about 120 years old, and it was built specifically for this purpose.

Great Britain

Passion for gambling is typical for almost everyone in Britain. People in this country started playing for money a few centuries ago – they made bets on races and sports. Small gambling houses appeared in the UK a couple of centuries ago and since then they have successfully carried out their activities.


In 2007, Tony Blair propose to open several huge casinos in London, in scope and luxury comparable to the Las Vegas casino. Initially, it was planned to open 40 such institutions, but as a result, only one so-called super-casino – “Ritz” appeared in London.


Distinctive feature of casinos in this country are that they do not give loans here: it is possible to play only for cash. If you have spent all the money that you have had in your wallet, most likely that casino will not credit you even if you will offer real estate or jewelry. Perhaps, only in Great Britain operates the principle of “No money – no game”.

Puerto Rico


San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico offers visitors many casinos, some of which operate 24 hours a day, so no minute of your gaming vacation will go to waste. Some of the most popular resorts in the city are Renaissance La Concha San Juan, the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino, and the Ritz-Carlton San Juan Casino and Spa. Also, San Juan is the largest gambling city in Puerto Rico, with 6 gambling establishments, 107 tables for games, 2349 slots and video poker machines.


The largest casino in the whole country is the Puerto Rico Caguas Real Hotel & Casino, which is located in Caguas. Caguas Real Hotel & Casino has 10 gaming tables, 570 slot machines. There are casinos all over the world, you can find it in modern industrial city or near the sea or the ocean. And it is only up to you, which one to choose.

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