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Celeb Women Who Lost a Fortune at Gambling

From tiger Woods to Leonardo DiCaprio – men are well-known gambling fans. They love playing poker in a company of fellows while discussing football and girls. But, how about women gamblers? Are there any popular female celebs who are also addict to the world of gambling?

women gambling

It appears that women can be even more prone to playing poker or slot machines. Some of their stories have turned into Hollywood legends. We all know the story of a huge Pamela Anderson loss many times. It is high time we have met other female celebs who lost a fortune at gambling.

Gladys Knight lost  $45,000

She is known as the goddess of soul. For many years, Gladys Knight has been synonym to soul music featuring her outstanding voice and singing manner. However, music is not only her only passion. Gladys love gambling. A few fans really know that a queen of soul has been struggling her gambling addiction for several decades.

Gladys Knight

It all started with a short blackjack session. Her friend introduced Gladys to a popular card game. The first experience was pretty bad. She lost $45, 000 although she did not really cared much about money. The main problem was she forgot to take her son to school because of all that alcohol and gambling.

Jennifer Tilly with an Unknown Poker Loss

Jennifer Tilly

Land casinos still attract many people including celebrities despite the rise of online casinos. A popular movie star Jennifer Tilly was not an exception. She made a name for herself after starring in Liar, Liar featuring Jim Carrey. Poker has also been a major issue for the actress. Moreover, Jennifer managed to make a name as one of the most successful female celebs poker players. As for her losses, known actually knows how much she lost and when. One thing is known for sure. Each loss comes as a huge stress for Tilly. One of them resulted in actress sleeping on the bench in 2012 Series. Luckily she managed to cope with her stress and returned to the table for a new win.

Marge Simpson Lost her Motherhood

Jennifer Tilly

Although she is not quite a celeb, Marge Simpson is certainly one of the most popular cartoon characters ever. She has turned into an icon for thousands of women across the US. Once she made a mistake and almost lost her motherhood in the episode called “$pringfield”. By the way, Sam Simon (Tilly’s husband) was the producer of the episode. Coincidence? Hardly.

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