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Cryptocurrency trading VS gambling

Nowadays all news, business, informative channels on TV and radio present us information about cryptocurrency at least few times a day. Definitions of terms “Mining”, “Blockchain”, “Bitcoin” and so on become the everyday speech of ordinary people, not always even understanding these terms essence. In other words, the crypto currency becomes a common thing in our time. Growing popularity, and sometimes the cost of individual currencies attracts a lot of public interest.

On the graph below you can see popularity of “Cryptocurrency” and “Bitcoin” requests.

According to this graph, since the beginning of 2017 the number of WEB requests for ‘crypto-currency’ has increased 10-times, not to mention Bitcoin. And of course number of requests growing up each month.

Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency trading

We can definitely name some pluses for crypto currency trading:

  • One of the most obvious pluses is the anonymity of the information about user, almost absolute transparency of all operations.
  • Fees for transactions involving crypto-currencies are minimal.
  • The currency can’t be faked or copied, since it is fully protected by a unique code.
  • There are no any regulators for cryptocurrency or transactions. If the transfer is sent, then it will accurately reach the recipient, since it does not have an intermediary and there is no risk that your money will settle on someone else’s account or some bank will fulfill its obligations poorly.

But of surely there are some minuses as well:

  • The exchange rate is relatively unstable.
  • It is not possible to return an already sent payment. It is necessary to carefully check the recipient’s data.
  • Having lost access to the wallet, the owner forever loses the access to all of his funds stored there.

Lists of pros and cons are not full, and it will never be full as cryptocurrency is something new in the modern economy, which, obviously, will continue to develop. Despite all the pros and cons of crypto money, they are very similar to the real ones, but it is a number of features that allows them to gain turnover and popularity, forcing to believe – the future is not so far.

If you wish to become a Cryptocurrency trader you definitely have to have some amount of money to invest in your virtual wallet. And you have to understand that exchange rate is relatively unstable so, even if you purchase 10 or more coins for 10 thousand dollars, in the nearest future exchange rate can jump up to the sky, and you will have about 100 thousand dollars, but the exchange rate may fall very quickly as well.

What we can say about Gambling

As internet develops each day, a lot of different services moved online, such as banking, booking, stores and so on. Gambling is not an exception. Gambling itself is a kind of game in which result depends largely on luck, not on the skill of the players. In comparison to cryptocurrency, which have been founded on 21-st century, people have been playing gambling since antiquity. So-called online casino that provide users with slot machines in free access, are very popular nowadays. The demand for such resources was ensured by their unique offers, opportunities and advantages. But virtual casino, like everything else, has its pros and cons which players should also pay attention to.

Online casino has the following advantages:

  • Large selection of games. Important advantage of an online casino is the huge selection of games or slot. Here you are not limited of classic games as roulette or blackjack.
  • Ability to play from home. People, which do not want to waste time visiting casinos or other gambling establishments, can use virtual gaming halls. That is an excellent solution for them.
  • Free game option. Usually online casino have an option for free gaming, or so-called demo version, so you can satisfy your craving for gambling, absolutely for free.
  • Much better conditions than in ordinary casino.

And the following disadvantages:

  • Lack of live communication with other players. This factor can confuse some communicative players.
  • Money transfer can take some time.

Frankly speaking, virtual casino has been considered the safest way to gamble. So you can always play online without any risks.

It is time to choose

If you want to spend your time for boring but sometimes profitable occupancy – you have to have great amount of money and invest it in cryptocurrency trading. You have to read a lot of literature, learn mass of different sources about trading online, spend your leisure time for studying, in order to get at least some chance for success in cryptocurrency business. But usually you can do nothing with exchange rate, and even if you will have a lot of coins and exchange rate fall down, you will not only loose a profit but also lose all the investments. So if you are ready for great risks, you have to try trading online.

As for gambling, it is not risky at all. As it was said before: you can gamble even for free. With the help of gambling you can get some new positive impressions. Some people believe that gambling can be used as a game therapy for treating various diseases, as gambling helps improve coordination and memory. In addition, online casino gives you  an opportunity to have a great time, have fun and even earn money in case of luck. Definitely, if you want to spend your time positively, not in stress it is better to choose Gambling than trading. At least, you will have a chacne to meet your favorite Hollywood actors in Casinos for celebs.

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