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Health impacts of gambling

Each of us at least once a life felt the sense of excitement. Excitement is an emotion associated with the expectation of success, ie expectation that something good will happen and we will succeed. But sometimes this emotion simply deceives us and does not correspond to reality. Some people start to gamble in order to feel excitement. In this article we will speak a little bit about Gambling, about it’s impact on human health.

Gambling itself is the way to give little or nothing and receive something of value in return.  We can read a lot of negative information about gambling, saying that people become game-dependent if they start to gamble. But have you ever thought about positive influence of gambling? Specialists provide some experiments and found that gambling in moderate amounts is even useful for your organism. It improve mood, relieve fatigue, increase stress resistance, train memory. This is because card games or slots are a kind of stress that human body experience; as a result, body produces a certain set of hormones that affect the general condition of our organism. So, frankly speaking, we can see that playing slots is not the worst way to spend your time; it can even help you not only cheer up but also to earn some money if you are lucky. Just to be clear we will show you all pros and cons of gambling influence to your health.

Positive impact

  • The relationship between excitement and thinking

Despite the fact that luck plays a great role in gambling, the experience and skills of the player also should not be written off. The desire to win, beat partners makes a person to build some strategy, to predict partner’s next step and likelihood of the positive result. Such mental activity perfectly trains logical thinking, memory and attentiveness. A person learns to observe and notice details. So in everyday life gamblers quickly than others analyze the situation and make the right decision without fuss and stress.

  • Gambling influence to psychological health

Psychologists also conducted experiments to find out whether games have a beneficial effect on the psyche. In the end of experiment they stated that gambling is a good psychological discharging. If a person can control the game process, the implementation of excitement is a safe and effective anti-stress tool.

  • Impact on physical health and well-being

Playing cards or playing interesting slot machines has an exciting effect on the central nervous system and causes an active production of hormones. The cocktail of hormones comes into the blood, causing a positive mood and a little excitement. This state is almost similar to a slight alcoholic intoxication, a feeling after sports training or sex.

Scientists say that the feeling of excitement trains the central nervous system and activates the flow of blood to the brain, and therefore the work ability, stress-resistance, physical activity and endurance increases. So the hormonal emissions that occur during the game are very useful for the body. Also gambling positively affects health in the long term. It turned out that people who regularly played card games, slots or roulette, in old age, suffered much less from old-time illnesses related to brain damage.

Negative impact

Gambling, same as other medications, have some contradictions. We can compare gambling with drugs that uses in small doses for treatment. The same in gambling small doses will help you, sometimes even treat you, but increasing the dose can have a detrimental effect. After some experiments and tests, scientist concluded that people with following deviations should stay away from gambling:

  • Propensity to depression;
  • Suffering from loneliness;
  • Alcohol or drugs addicted;
  • With low self-esteem;

It is obvious that all pleasures should be dosed. If you rotate the drum or play cards few times a week for 10-15 minutes, it will only benefit your health and the mood. But the main thing is to know when to stop, because an irresponsible craving for the game can lead to sad consequences. Luckily, you can always opt for other actions like trading cryptocurrencies.


From the picture below you can see how popular gambling is in UK. We can say that 2 out of 3 persons in UK – gamblers. According to some statistic data, 51% of the world’s population gambles. There are more male players, only 43% of players are women.

It goes that men play for excitement while women play for relaxation, choosing games that don’t require skill like slot machines and Bingo. However, both genders are equally likely to play lotteries and scratchcards. Surveys also indicate that men and women have different gaming behavior. Despite the fact that usually we can hear only negative feedback about gambling, about 62% of adults surveyed in 2017 agree that gambling is conducted fairly and can be trusted. But anyway, the choice is yours.



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