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Top 3 Famous NBA Players Who Love Gambling

They get lifted easily. The gravitation does not exist for the best and most popular NBA players. They can do any trick with the ball on the court as well as lead their teams to another title. However, while being superstars on the court, NBA stars can be addicted to gambling in real life.

From His Majesty Michael Jordan to Alan Iverson – check our top list of legendary NBA players who like the Vegas Strip and ready to leave a couple of thousands while playing poker. We do hope they never follow any of the bad reasons to gamble.

Michael Jordan NBA Star Gambler

That’s right! The Majestic star of Space Jam likes to spend time in Vegas casinos all the time after he gets off the court. Even the Olympics would never prevent him from playing a hand or two at poker. This is what actually happened during the Olympics in 1992, which took place in Barcelona. Right after the game, MJ went down to the nearest casino where he played poker until dawn. He is also known for sport betting and playing craps in some popular Vegas casinos where he lost $1.25 million for a single crisp session.

Charles Barkley NBA Star Gambler

The iconic player is no longer an NBA star. However, he is still involved for gambling. Charles Barkely boasts a brilliant NBA track record in addition to multiple MVP titles. He was a constant member of the NBA All-Star team. At the same time, he has some serious problems with gambling. Barkely has a record of losing over a million for 30 times in live casinos. Once he lost $2.5 million a once when playing blackjack. Luckily for him an his family, those losses did not appear to be a huge problem for his wallet.

Alan Iverson NBA Star Gambler

The Philadelphia Sixer is a living icon for the entire sports world. Iverson tool part in All-star games 11 times. However, professional sport has hardly appeared to be the reasons to avoid gambling and alcohol problems. Alan was so passionate when playing poker and blackjack that Detroit and Atlantic City casinos had nothing to do but to ban the NBA star player.  Despite the fact his overall basketball earning exceeded $200 million, Iverson had to live from hand to mouth due to gambling problems.

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