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Top 5 Amazing and Mind Braking Casino Wins

As most of us like to gamble and we all know that the casino never loses, we all won at least once and this sweet taste of victory makes us play again and again. Small wins occur rather often, but the aim of a real gambler is to hit the jackpot. Lets take a look at top 5 amazing and mind braking casino wins which Casinopius made for you.

5. The Big Megabucks Hit Tragedy

5The Monte Carlo waitress Cynthia Jay lived a common life the waitresses do until one day she took a shot at the Megabucks slot machine. On her ninth spin she managed to win $34,959,458.56 which is still considered to be the largest Megabucks jack pot in history. Cynthia got married two weeks later and things seemed to be going well, but seven weeks later she got in a car crash which changed her life. A drunk driver crashed in her car while it sat at a stoplight. As a result Cynthia was paralyzed and her sister died. The drunk driver was sentenced to 28 years in prison. The poor jackpot hitter Cynthia Jay says she would give back all the money she won if she could just walk again.

4. The Blackjack Master

4Don Johnson became the legend of the blackjack card game as he managed to win over $15,000,000 during the six months period. The main idea was to play only in those casinos with favorable house rules. But the biggest factor that helped Don to win all his money was a massive 20-percent payback which the casinos he played in offered. Don won really big money but as a result he is no longer welcome in most casinos of Las Vegas.

3. Granddad Makes a Bet on his Toddler

3While gamblers usually make bets on a score of a football match, Peter Edwards bet on his grandson. The wagering house gave him 2500:1 odds that his grandson Harry Wilson would play for the Welsh National Football team, so Peter bet £50 ($80). We don’t know whether he saw something in his three-years-old grandson or insane grandpa just liked insane bets. In October 2013, the bookmakers were surprised not with the 1:1 score the Wales National team played with Belgium in a World Cup Qualifier but with 16-year-old Harry Wilson who was the youngest person to represent Wales in national play. As you can guess Harry Wilson was the grandson of Peter Edwards he betted for 13 years before. Wilson’s appearance in the field brought his grandfather $200,000.

2. Man Bets on the Moon

2In 1964, the respecting British wagering company William Hill has received an asking from David Threlfall for odds that a human would walk on the Moon during next seven years. The bookmakers offered him amazing odds of 1,000:1 and they can be understood as many people still don’t believe the landing on moon really took place. However, in 1969 when the Apollo mission was over David Threlfall got his 10,000 pounds.

1. Sean Connery famous roulette run

1In 1963, Sean Connery visited Italian Alps and played roulette in the casino there. He made a bet on 17 and it missed. He made a similar bet one more time and it missed again. But on the third time 17 came in. Sean left his won money on the table and 17 came in in the second time. He left them again and 17 came for the third time in a row against odds of some 50,000:1. After that he took the win of over £10,000 (roughly £163,000 in today’s market). In 1971 Sean Connery did this again playing James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever movie.

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