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Top 5 Tricks the Casinos Use on Gamblers

There is no secret that the online casino is interested in your money but not everybody knows the methods it uses to make the players spend as much as possible. Casinopius has hold out a research and is ready to share this information with you.

5. No clock and windows

5Nowadays almost no people wear watches and the casinos are aware of it. You won’t find the clocks on the walls of a game hall because the casino bosses are interested in you losing the feeling of time and stayed here gambling as long as possible. That is why there are no windows in the game area, so you didn’t know what is happening outside.

4. Bright lights, loud sounds

4The casino is usually overfilled with bright lights and signs encouraging you to win. As well as the signs, the sound also signalize that everybody has more chances to win then to lose. All these influence the gambler’s psyche and make him to spend much more money than he was going to.

3. Alcohol

3Among all the freebies the casino usually offers, alcohol takes the most important and notable place for its powerful influence on the players. AAs long as it is free, gamblers usually take it. However, alcohol makes even smart and clever players sloppy so their brains become slower and they obtain more chances to lose using some strategy playing blackjack for example.

2. The big winners

2Big winners attract attention of the casino personnel and are usually treated like kings. On the first sight it may seem that the game hall crew just show respect to a winner but in fact their aim is just to make a gambler to spend as much money as possible. Players feel like they are important, however the only thing that is important to the casino is their money.

1. The labyrinth

1Have you ever noticed how the game hall of the casino is usually designed? They may have a bank of slot in one location and a bank of same slot machines in another location 100 feet away. The game machines and gambling tables are arranged without any logical order making some kinds of labyrinths. Together with the influence of bright signs, loud sounds and alcohol the labyrinth of casino makes you get lost in it.

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