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Top Factors that lead to Casino Loss

It is very easy to find out when you are going to lose your money while playing at land or online casinos. Numerous signs and triggers come as a hint to stop playing. The problem is that a few gamblers actually want to recognize them. Most of us see them but do not want to consider. On the other hand, those factors will inevitably lead to huge losses.


It does not actually matter if you regularly visit Vegas land casinos or prefer playing slot machines from your smartphone, you obviously need to be aware some crucial factors. Otherwise, you will be doomed to failure as well as all your money. So, what are the factors most gamblers do not want or fail to recognize on time?

You Start Breaking Your Own Strategy

Every gambler has a strategy. It may help some people win, while others simply use it to stay in control when gambling. It does not matter why you actually have a strategy. You need it anyway. The first sing of a loss is when you start breaking your own rules. Whether you want to spend more money you can afford or make irregular bets, it is a signal you should stop. Otherwise, your strategy is of no use.

You Are Too Upset for Gambling


We are the prisoners of our own moods and mental conditions. If we feel bad, everything around us looks bad as well. The same thing is with gambling. Every time you are upset for any reason, you will not be able to use a successful winning strategy wisely. It does not matter of you were fired or your girl left, never sit at the blackjack table or slot machine with an upset state of mind. It is to the detriment of your financial situation.

You Drink When You Play


Once you have started drinking alcohol during the game, consider it is over. The same thing is with drugs. You do not believe us, don’t you? How do you think, why all Vegas casinos offer free cocktails and huge discounts at the bar? The only reason is to make you softer and less careful. The same thing happens when you play at home in front of the computer.

Playing without Breaks

Gambling is hardly an entertainment whenever you try to earn money instead of playing for fun. Every work requires at least short breaks to concentrate your thoughts or analyze the situation. The same thing is with gambling. Playing hours without rest will lead to obvious losses. So, try to relax during short pauses and think if everything goes the way you want it.

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