Top Rated Rival Slots in 2018

Most users are familiar with only top software brands like NetEnt or Playtech. However, there are some other development companies that are worth paying attention. Most of you have obviously played their slot machines but did not have the foggiest idea it was something fresh. Rival slots reflect the above-mentioned idea. Some may think that the company suffers from a lack of recognition and popularity. Well, it doesn’t. Launched in 2006, it has been delivering high quality advanced products for more than 16 years. Of course, Rival online slot games can hardly be called the freshest technological solutions. On the other hand, they still boast some original style and unique features that most gamblers are looking in free slots.

Licensed in Cyprus, Rival Gaming started its long walk in 2006. It operates as an independent development department in Black Chip Ltd. All designed slots meet the highest official standards. They can be found in major casinos. By the way, the company was the first to develop an AI-based slot emulator.

The Main Benefits of Playing Free Rival Slots

The only way to stand the competition in the gambling industry is to offer something new and enhanced. Rival slot games come with advanced features and innovative technologies. The company introduced its first ever I-Slot – a casino game that is able to learn player’s preferences and likes to customize the gaming process in accordance with your personal needs. As a result, we have the first ever free online RTG slot based on AI technology. Additional benefits of playing Rival games include:

  • Wide Selection of Emulators – the company develops an array of slots. Not only they include classic slot machines, but also updated versions of the most beloved titles in addition to brand new ones;
  • Implemented Mobile Technologies – whether you want to play slots online from your PC or smartphone, you will never face any limitations like before. Get a full access to all casino features through your mobile device;
  • Engaging Gaming – Rival slots games vary in themes. All of them are exciting and interesting to explore. A comprehensive gaming process makes you feel a part of all actions on the screen.

You can add outstanding design, graphics and visual effects to the above-mentioned. Oh, and don’t forget about rewards and bonuses. Rival slots for real money can truly be considered as the most generous emulators. The winning chances are high. Just use free spins and multipliers.

Best Rival Slot Machines

As for the biggest Rival titles, we have come up with a short list of slot games you may be familiar with. Experienced gamblers must have come across at least some of them. If not, it is yet your biggest mistake you need to fix.

  • Fixer Up – a funny and easy-to-play free online slot delivered by Rival. Nice graphics and entertaining design make this Rival free slot a good choice for letting your hair down. Help an old lady to fix her house because she is ready to pay for your services!
  • Hole in One – a great option if you like golf. The slot is dedicated to one of the most “expensive” kinds of sports that is usually associated with rich and wealthy gentlemen. You can now become a part of that men’s club with just a click away!

Japan-O-Rama – do you like Japan the same way Rival developers do? Then this Rival slot game is an optimal choice. It has everything related to Japanese lifestyle from advanced cellphones to robots and ninjas.