Classic Casino slots play free at Casinopius

Developed by Charles Fey, the first ever classic casino slots appeared in the 19th century. Also known as one-arm-bandit, premier casino games took the audience by storm. They still have a huge success with modern gamblers. Despite the fact there appear new advanced games, most users opt for traditional classic slot machines that remind them of good old times when they were novice players.

Apart from lyrics and melancholy, these games certainly have some more benefit for players. They include a simple gameplay, easy rules, intuitive interface, different bonus rounds and risk games, a wide array of jackpots as well as opportunities to hit the prize. Let’s have a flashback and remember some of the most iconic and classic casino online games you can still play for free as well as for real money.

Main Types of Free Classic Slots

Classic casino games can be divided into several main categories. They actually refer to a number of reels in addition to a unique style. Those categories include:

  • 3 reel Classic Slots – the name speaks for itself. A user spins 3 reels with a number of pay lines
  • 5 reel Casino Games – a more developed version of a 3-reel slot. Here we have more reels and pay lines, which also means more opportunities to hit a necessary combination
  • Fruit Slots – bananas, lemons, strawberries and other fruits are like a time machine for some experienced gamblers. We can certainly take these slots to a separate category
  • 777 Slots – another iconic type of classic casino games with numbers and symbols as the driving force. 777 gets you a jackpot

All the above-mentioned categories hardly need any introduction. Gamers of all levels and types are well-aware of those iconic games. If you somehow missed those games, you can play slots free.

Jackpots in Classic Slot Machines

The same way we divide classic emulators like IGT slots into several categories, jackpots may also differ in accordance with their types. Traditional slots bring a range of multipliers, risk games and bonuses. However, a jackpot is the most desired prey for everyone who comes to play at online casino.

Users can select from the following types of jackpots:

  • Fixed Jackpots in Classic 777 Slots – as a rule, those are 3-reel slot machines. A fixed jackpot means that the prize does not depend on the number of users and their bets
  • Maximum Coin Award – you are very unlikely to find such jackpots in modern slots. They are out-of-date. Once you play on 1 or 2 coins, you get a chance to increase the cash-out
  • Progressive Jackpots in Classic Casino Games – a popular type of jackpot implemented by major online casinos. A jackpot meter shows the sum of prize that is growing rapidly. It depends on the amount of bets and players who opt for a particular slot linked to a jackpot multiplying system

Unlike modern free casino games, classic online slots can hardly boast the same level of graphics and sound effects. On the other hand, those are not the most crucial features for players. For many decades classic games have been shaping the gambling industry. Even now some casinos offer an array of traditional slots back from the past. As time goes by, they become only better!