Best New Slots in 2018 - What to Look At?

All online casino slots represent several major categories. The division into categories is implemented in accordance with specification and technological issues. While traditional classic casino games have only 3 reels, modern new slots 2017 come with an improved gameplay featuring 5 and more reels. It means they have more pay lines, more reel stops and more chances to get a desired combination of symbols. This time we are going to look at some of the best casino new slots 2018. Designed using advanced software and technologies, they represent a digital evolution of the gambling niche in general. Overwhelming visuals, prize-winning sound effects, bright colors and involving gaming process – this is what every user can expect from modern free casino slots.

Technology that Drives Modern Slots 2018

Denomination is the first and foremost aspect we should pay your attention to. Unlike reels and other features, the value of bet can be a crucial factor when determining the class of a particular gaming slot. Have a look at the table below and pick a matching option:

  • Pennies – it is the lowest currency value you can find in a casino slot game. A good choice for a novice player that can be mainly found in old-school slots;
  • Nickels – a bit more expensive betting level. A good chance to get a decent reward. Although it is still not related to new slots 2018;
  • Quarters – refers to new Playtech slot games for users seeking a higher opportunity for oayouts;
  • Dollar and High Limits – such slot games offer the best winning opportunity although require a significant betting.

If you are not planning to play for real money, have no worries! All new slots are available in a free gaming mode. It means that amateur gamblers will never lose their money after a couple of spins right away. Mobile geeks and gadget lovers will appreciate the availability of mobile casino game version.  Now, let’s get back to our classification of modern casino games.

How to Choose New Slots 2018

A number of reels is another criteria that can be used to recognize a brand new casino slot. Out-of-date machines are based on a 3-reel structure. Rarely they can introduce a 5-reel gaming mode. The more reels a game has, the better chances to win. For this reason, modern emulators look more promising from revenue perspectives. They traditionally have from 20 to 24 stops making it easier to hit a winning symbols’ combination. The slots can be classified by the reels accordingly:

  • Classic Slots – usually have 3 reels and out-of-date gameplay;
  • Updated Emulators – most popular slot games related to different scenarios;
  • Alternative Slots – they have 7 reels in addition to a wider selection of themes;
  • New Slots 2018 – for the most dedicated players who look for more than just a free casino game.

New Novomatic slots online offer a variety of gaming types. They include an award-winning interactive gambling experience highlighting 3D visuals, impressive sound effects, and special functions like auto spin, bet limits and more. Start playing them free or earn real cash!