How to Play online Progressive Slots with Progressive Jackpot?

Online jackpot slots appeared to be an effective tool to attract new visitors to a gambling website. The mission of such jackpot strategy is boost customers’ retention. Used by many gambling operators, it can be found in numerous progressive slot machines.  Other online casino games do not has such feature. According to analysis and statistics, free progressive jackpot slots are the #1 choice for the majority of players worldwide. This is due to an easy gaming process, bonuses, exciting stories and visual effects.

At the same time online jackpot slot machines have proved to be the most attractive selections from winning possibility perspectives. A user can win a huge prize with just a click away! They do not call for any special skills or tactics. Available in desktop and instant version, such games can be access from different devices including laptops or Smartphone unlike online roulette and other traditional casino games.

What Is a Progressive Jackpot Online?

This type of fund prize hardly needs any introduction. It attracts high-rollers as well as novice players who do not have any experience. Also known as cumulative, this particular type of jackpot is from an established percentage of deposits made by other players. Every time a user starts playing a progressive jackpot slot and makes a bet, a part of his or her deposit will get into a common pot, which is actually a progressive jackpot. The more people play the same slot for real money, the higher the prize. This is how it works:

  • Imagine an online mobile casino slot that is popular among users;
  • Every player makes a bet forming a progressive jackpot;
  • A random user hits a winning symbols’ combination;
  • He or she gets the whole nine yards;
  • Every time a user fails to hit the prize, it goes higher.

For this reason, not all casino slot games have a progressive jackpot. The bets here are typically higher if compared with other games. So, make sure you are 100% confident about your luck today. Winning a progressive jackpot casino game is not as easy as it seems.

Type of Slots With Progressive Jackpot

Gambling websites typically offer three main categories of progressive free jackpot slots. It does not actually mean that you are to choose the one that meets your expectations. You will be obliged to except the rules established by a website. The three variants are as follows:

  • Stand Alone Jackpot – the prize is linked to a one-and-only slot game. One should never expect enormous prizes. However, the best are also less significant, while the winning chances are higher;
  • In House Jackpot – the prize is connected to all available games in a single website. Whenever a user makes any bet on any of the linked Rival slots, he or she actually contributes in a progressive jackpot;
  • Area Wide Jackpot – this one is the biggest cash-out you can find then it comes to progressive jackpots. Established by a software provider or an independent operator, it represents a percentage of bets raised from a casino chain with several websites.

Jackpot meters highlight the current amount of cash in a progressive online slot. Its main mission not just to display a total sum, but also to attract more players. This is why such jackpot meters are usually very bright and catchy.